Group "А7"

The athletes born in 2015 can participate in the group «A7» of  World Children’s Ice Hockey Championship in 2022.

It is allowed to participate in the team of the athletes one year younger than the maximum age value provided for this age group.

Information and rules for group "А7"

Numerical strength for division«A»

Each team should consist of 15 field players (three 5-player links), 5 reserve players and 2 goalkeepers.

Each of the players, including reserve players, must take part in at least one game.

There can be a coach, 2 assistant coaches and an instructor of the team (no more than 4 people in total) on the bench spare, along with the team.

Number of players in links

Before the start of the game, the coach of the participant team submits a tournament application with a breakdown of the main players by links.

Based on this breakdown, the links are marked with colored markers-stickers: the first link – blue, the second link – red, the third link – yellow.

A colored marker is applied to the back of the player's helmet.

During the game, the links of the field players come out alternately in the composition, which was specified in the application form.

During the game on the ice there can be only the links of the teams with markers-stickers of the same color.

The exit on the ice players from different links is not permissible!

Rotation of the players in the links throughout the match is not allowed!

In the case of shortage of the players for formation of links simultaneous playing of one of the players in two links is allowed. The simultaneous playing of the strong player in two links is inadmissible. Duplication can be carried out by the player of the middle level and below. In this case, the player is marked with the second sticker with the color of the link in which the double is carried out.

The coach can carry out the replacement of the goalkeepers at own discretion.

Time of the game

The teams of  Division "A" play two periods of 18 minutes of "clean time " with a break of 20 minutes between them.

Change of the links is made in 90 seconds. The change is carried out by the whistle of the field referee. In the event of a game situation, the field referee has the right to delay the change of players for a period of not more than 5 seconds.

In a case of a draw, Overtime is assigned.


In the case of a draw result "Overtime" to the first goal scored by the links of 5 players each is assigned.

The duration of "Overtime" is 6 minutes with the frequency of the change of the links in 1 minute.

In case of a draw at the end of the overtime, a series of shootouts is assigned.


In the case of a draw at the end of the overtime a series of shootouts of three in each gate is assigned.

The priority is determined by drawing lots.

The penalty shots are played by three players, one from each link.

Execution of the penalty shots by several players of the same link is not allowed.

In the case of a draw, the shootouts are assigned, one at each gate up to the first goal.

Rules of refereeing

Refereeing of  the Division " A " games is produced by two Central referees.

The face-off is thrown at 5 points: one point is in the Central part of the field and two ones are at each of the goals. At the beginning of the periods and after the counted goal, the face-off is thrown at the Central point of the site. In the case of the infraction by the player of one of the teams, the referee interrupts the game and makes the face-off at one of the throw points located in the immediate vicinity of the place of the infraction by recording the infraction in the asset of the team, while the player who has violated the rules is not dismissed to the penalty bench.

The shootout is played in the goal of the offender team for every three received infractions.

The shootout is executed by the player in respect of whom the last infraction was committed, and in the case of  too many men on ice, this issue remains at the discretion of the coach of the team producing the shootout.

The out of play is not applied to the “A” Division teams.

Icing is not considered in the “A” Division.

Bodychecks are prohibited by the current regulations of the championship. If the player makes bodychecks for three times during the game he is dismissed until the end of the match.

In the case of repeated bodychecks  by the player during subsequent games, this player will be disqualified until the end of the championship without the right to restore.

The size of the ice rink

The size of the ice rink for the group "A": length – 40 meters, width – 25 meters.



By drawing lots the teams are divided into 9 subgroups of 4 teams.

Playing in fours (round robin), each team plays 3 games each  with all members of their subgroup.

At the end of the game the teams get points:

Victory in the regular time-3;

Victory in the overtime-2;

Defeat in the overtime-1;

Defeat in the regular time-0.

Based on the points received, the teams are placed from the first to the fourth.

According to the places received in the qualifying part of the championship, the teams are divided into 4 leagues, 9 teams in each (36 teams in total), where:

1st place – Major League;

2nd place – First League;

3rd place-Second League;

4th place-the Third League.

A separate championship is held for each League. 

League games

By drawing lots the teams of each League are divided into 3 groups of 3 teams in each.

Playing in threes (round robin), each team plays 2 games each with all members of their group.

Based on the points received, the teams are placed the first, second or third with the subsequent awarding of the championship participants with the medals in each of the League groups.

The teams that were placed the first in their groups reach the final, where they will be able to compete for the Championship Cup of their League.

Three teams that were placed the first in each of the 3 groups go to the semifinal of the championship.


Semi-final games consist of 3 periods of 18 minutes with 20 minute breaks between them.

Playing each other (round robin) each team will play 2 games each.

The team with the least points is eliminated from the fight for the main prize.

The teams placed the first and the second in the semifinals reach the final.


Two teams reached the final will compete with each other for the main prize - the Championship Cup of their League.

The final game consists of 3 periods of 18 minutes with 20 minute breaks between them.

At the end of the championship, each of the teams reached the semi-finals is awarded a memorable Cup.

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